Downloadable Papers

Downloadable Papers 

At NIMBAL, our goal is to make using dietary therapy as easy and simple as it can be for the individual and also to help healthcare professionals easily integrate it into their care paradigm. Please use these resources to help improve IBD care. If there are other resources you think we can help with, please let us know.

  1. Sample Letter from your physician regarding dietary management
  2. Pocket dietary card for eating out
  3. Patient Handout
  4. SCD for Campers!
  5. SCD at a Glance Handout
  6. SCD Detailed Summary (En Espanol)
  7. SCD Summary (En Espanol)
  8. How to manage Social Activities (En Espanol)
  9. Making SCD Yogurt (En Espanol)
  10. Reading Labels (En Espanol)
  11. Weight Loss Prevention (En Espanol)
SCD Preparation and Recipes

SCD Preparation and Recipes

With patience and appreciation for whole foods, it is possible to create delicious SCD meals.


Information on Preparing SCD Food