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Medicine evolves through research. For years healthcare has ignored diet in inflammatory bowel disease. An often quoted statement was 'there is just no evidence' that diet impacts disease. Although this statement was technically correct; it was naive. There was no evidence because medicine had not done the research. In our journey to find the true impact of diet in inflammatory bowel disease, we have faced many challenges including skepticism from our peers and lack of funding resources. It was and is, the IBD philanthropists who continue to support us in our mission of fully understanding diets effect on health and disease.

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NIMBAL Therapy: Using Diet to Treat Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Written by David L. Suskind, MD

Dr. Suskind wrote NIMBAL after years of treating patients with nutritional therapy. Dr. Suskind realized that although patients with IBD were being successful treated at Seattle Children's Hospital with dietary therapy, many more lived outside of Washington State who wanted to trial dietary therapy but did not have the guidance. By writing this book and continuing his research, Dr. Suskind's aim is to help advance medicine by showing the power of diet in Inflammatory Bowel Disease.



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