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What is Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)?

Two main subtypes of IBD exist: Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.


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The Specific Carbohydrate Diet®

The anti-inflammatory effects of the SCD reduce disease activity in IBD.


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Implementing SCD into your daily life

It's not about restrictions, it is about empowerment. Learn how the SCD can help transform your life.


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SCD Preparation and Recipes

With patience and appreciation for whole foods, it is possible to create delicious SCD meals.


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Diet offers hope and solutions to many people living the IBD nightmare.


The Specific Carbohydrate Diet saved my life. I was ill for 8 years before I discovered the diet. Now that I have been healthy for 7 years, it's still the only thing I need to stay symptom free. I do have to be strict, but very much worth it.

A. Bryant

Two years into the SCD Diet and Caleb is doing great! He is completely medication free and is healthy strong and active. The diet works but it takes patience, patience and patience. Stick with it. It's a journey and a new healthy lifestyle. Believe that i

Cindy Frei

We just had her 6 month check up on Monday - solid on SCD for 5 months. Her bloodwork is impeccable, her c reactive protein is below normal ...and most incredibly, her calprotectin went from 867 at diagnosis to normal!


Son diagnosed with UC in July 2014 at age 28. Asacol caused horrible side effects. Pentasa wasn't working. Started the diet August 25, 2014. Follow up at Dr in January 2015. We were told the diet doesn't work. No help offered. Son took himself off Pentasa



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About Nutrition in Immune Balance (NiMBAL)

About Nutrition in Immune Balance (NiMBAL)

NiMBAL's mission is to help patients with IBD integrate dietary therapy into their daily lives. Our goal is to make this process easier with a standardized, step-by-step approach based upon the latest research.

David L. Suskind, MD

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