Dietary change can be easy

Dietary change can be easy but that doesn't mean that it is always simple. Education is the first step in moving forward with dietary therapy. Learn, read, and then read some more... This website goal is to give you the foundation for making that dietary therapy a reality. With the foundation laid, experience and time will set you up for success. Explore this website and then re-explore!

What is Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)?

Two main subtypes of IBD exist: Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Both are characterized by an attack on the bowels by the immune system, causing the harmful inflammation in IBD. The two subtypes differ in where the attack occurs, how the patient is affected, the way each progresses clinically and how the disease looks to the healthcare provider.


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The Specific Carbohydrate Diet

The specific carbohydrate diet or SCD is a nutritionally balanced diet focused on removing grains, most diary products and sugars and relying heavily upon whole foods. The anti-inflammatory effects of the SCD reduce disease activity in IBD.


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Implementing SCD into your daily life

It's not about restrictions, it is about empowerment.Learn how the SCD can help transform your life.


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SCD Preparation and Recipes

With patience and a newly discovered appreciation for whole foods, it is possible to create delicious SCD meals.


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