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Consistent Prebiotic Effect on Gut Microbiota With Altered FODMAP Intake in Patients with Crohn's Disease: A Randomised, Controlled Cross-Over Trial of Well-Defined Diets

In clinically quiescent Crohn's disease, altering dietary FODMAP intake is associated with marked changes in fecal microbiota, most consistent with a prebiotic effect of increasing FODMAPs as shown in an irritable bowel/healthy cohort. This strategy might be favorable for gut health in Crohn's disease, but at the cost of inducing symptoms. Read more »

Association of Circulating Vitamin D Concentrations with Intestinal but Not Systemic Inflammation in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Despite total, free, and bioavailable 25(OH)D concentrations being similar to those in a healthy control population, they inversely correlated strongly with intestinal inflammation. This was independent of potential malabsorption, sunlight exposure, and total vitamin D intake and obesity. Vitamin D may play an immunomodulatory role in IBD. Read more »

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