scrumptious-study.jpgStanford Children’s Health is now enrolling patients for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet Curriculum- Patient and Caretaker’s Outlooks (SCRUMPTIOUS) Study. This study is evaluating the impact of an innovative and tailored Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) curriculum, on the knowledge and perspectives of patients with IBD and their caretakers.

You are invited to take participate in Phase II!

Phase II is comprised of one 90-minute Zoom Session where you will learn how to cook SCD. Topics discussed will be how to add crunch to your diet, cooking with kids, science behind SCD.

        Class schedules: January 26, 2020  4- 5:30pm, Pacific time
                       February 2, 2020  4- 5:30pm, Pacific time
                                                  February 8, 2020. 4- 5:30pm, Pacific time

Please email Nancy Rivera at for more information.