Yield: 4 portions
Portion Size: 4 oz 

Ingredients                                                    Quantity

Cauliflower, cut into same sized pieces         1 large head
Collard greens                                               1 bunch
Butter                                                             4 oz
Almond Milk                                                    ½ cup
Salt                                                                 1.5 tbsp

Lets do this!

You are going to “blanch and shock” your collards:  Bring a large pot of water to a boil. On the side, also prepare an ice bath.  Place the collards into the boiling water for a minute or so until they are cooked.  Quickly remove them from the boiling water and immerse them into the ice bath.  Then chop them into ½ inch squares.
Add the pieces of cauliflower and boil for 3-4 minutes until they are tender. Strain them and let them cool at room temp  
In a small pot, combine the almond milk and the butter until the butter has melted into the almond milk. 
Grab your food processor:  throw in the Cauliflower, almond, butter, and salt until it is well mixed together. Put the mixture into a bowl and fold in the blanched chopped collards.
Eat away!