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Following dietary therapy can be challenging. The Specific Carbohydrate Diet has evolved over the years since Dr. Sydney Haas first reported on it. Since then we have learned much but there is still much more for us to learn. Below are foods that are allowed (legal) and foods that are not allowed (illegal) based off of Dr. Sydney Haas's initial description of the diet and Elaine Gottschal's Breaking the Vicious Cycle and our current research. In addition this food list includes up to date evidence based information on current research in foods.

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Type of Food SCD Approval Explanation NiMBAL research
Natural cheeses Legal If the cheese has been aged long enough to deplete its lactose content (about 30 days), it is legal. Aged cheese is a good source of calcium for patients with IBD. Also, eating cheese has been shown in this study to support healthy bacterial species and decrease harmful bacterial species.
Natural flavors Illegal

“Natural flavoring" can be used to refer to anything, including the chemicals coming from big "flavor" companies which sell chemicals to food processors. The only way to know what is in the natural flavors listed in the ingredients is to call the company.

An example of an ingredient which can be labeled as natural flavor is stearic acid. Stearic acid is a saturated fatty acid which can induce pro-inflammatory cytokine production and shift gut bacteria toward species responsible for intestinal permeability, according to this review.
Navy beans Legal If bought dried, please soak overnight to reduce their levels of complex carbohydrates and starches. In this study, navy beans reduced levels of inflammatory markers in the colon but increased mucosal damage.
Nectarines Legal A type of peach without fuzz. No studies have been conducted on the effects of nectarines on IBD. However, peaches were shown to prevent inflammation and oxidative damage in this animal model.
Nettles Illegal Adverse effects from consuming nettle tea can range from upset stomach to burning sensations in the skin, difficulty in urination and bloating. No studies have been conducted examining the effects of nettle on IBD. Some studies have identified anti-inflammatory capabilities of nettle, though.
Neufchatel cheese Illegal A soft cheese originating from France. Contains a small percentage of lactose. Studies have been inconclusive so far concerning the effects of lactose on IBD. More research needs to be conducted on Neufchatel cheese and IBD.
Noni juice Illegal Juice made from the noni (Morinda citrifolia) fruit. Diluted noni fruit juice reduced pro-inflammatory molecules in an IBD mouse model.
Nutmeg Legal A spice known for its use in baked goods and eggnog. No research has been done on nutmeg and IBD. However, nutmeg was shown to have antimicrobial activity, prevent colon cancer, and reduce pro-inflammatory cytokines in a mouse model of colon cancer.