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Lisa Zunker's Story


He has been off all medication and 100% on SCD for 1 month and he's doing amazing!

My 7yr. Old son, Braxton just finished his football  season and we were at the arcade for his award banquet and that was the first time he had an accident. He was in and out of the restroom about 10x a day for the past 3 weeks. After that night he started using the bathroom more than 20x a day and one day he had blood in his stools frequently.  We have already been going though so many tests with his pediatrician  at this time and all were comming back normal. I called his primary Dr. As soon as we seen blood in his stools and he ssaid he was going to refer him to a GI specialist and asked if I would like the referral to go to Spokane or Seattle. I chose Seattle and it has been  the best decision ive ever made. In February my son was scheduled for an endoscopy and colonoscopy. Less than 1 week after we received a call from Dr. Lee confirming Braxton  had Crohn's. Dr. Started him on Pentasa right away and he got us in to see him the next day to talk about options.  We chose to start Braxton on a 10 week formula diet and start the SCD after. At first it was overwhelming reading book after book, researching online, talking with Seattle's Dietitian, but we had  10 weeks to prepare(at least, I thought) at 8 weeks Braxton results were still not within the normal range. Dr. Wanted to transition to the SCD.  I've never seen him so happy to have food. My son has always been a hard worker, helpful, and outgoing and during this pass 3 month process, he was tired, grouchy, irritable, fatigued, not my fun loving child. Durning the first three weeks of the SCD he slowly became himself again. I I was starting to feel relief for the first time in a long while. It was work, working full time and coming home and working in the kitchen until bedtime but It was worth the results I was seeing in Braxton. We had our 4 week follow up and Braxtons stool and lab work were still not normal. Dr Lee wanted to start Braxton on Prednisone.  Braxton swelled so quickly but i noticed his stools were looking normal and he wasn't in the restroom as often. He also had energy! He took prednisone  for a month and then slowly weaned off it. He has been off all medication and 100% on SCD for 1 month and he's doing amazing, ( we have our little boy back), Im not in the kitchen as often because ive learned how to simplify  (I know most recipes without looking at a book or going online) It was a hard transition fir our family  but it has been a good one and Braxton loves to help in the kitchen, he is starting to understand all the things he can and can't eat. When someone asks me if Braxton can have a certain food, he usually answers before I get my answer out and he's always been right!! This diet has saved my son. It hasn't been easy but after you put one foot infront of the other, you'll be running before you know it! He is excited to start tackle football next month! without this diet, I really don't think he would have been able to participate this year!