Tali Guday

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tali-nimbal.jpgTali Guday

Tali Guday is a parent on a mission to make diet therapies better understood and easier to practice. Grateful for the relief that the Specific Carbohydrates Diet have provided to her own family, she is using her accumulated experience to teach patients and healthcare professionals about practical ways to incorporate therapeutic diets into today’s hectic lifestyles.

In 2012 Tali was invited by the GI team at Seattle Children’s Hospital to present her family’s experience on the use of the Specific Carbohydrate Diet to treat her child’s Crohns disease, with the goal of helping families of young IBD patients learn ways to use this diet as a tool to manage IBD. Through years of following the diet in her own home and mentoring others, Tali gained extensive experience in problem-solving many of the challenges that such diets can present.

In order to accommodate the needs of growing numbers of parents interested in implementing therapeutic diets to help manage their children’s IBD, Tali established SCD Families, a private international online support group. Tali also founded Gut Harmony, an informational website open to all.